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The terminal carries out cargo loading and unloading services, offers an efficient logistic platform, in order to offer a range of services in the cargo handling. The reliability of the staff completes the entire assistance cycle in every customer’s need.

The ships of medium size that regularly arrive to Marina di Carrara belong to companies such as CNAN Med, the Algerian company of which Dario Perioli is shipping agent and partner to 49%, and Sahel Line, connecting the Tuscan port with Tunisia. However, the great experience, professionalism and competence of the professional team allows MDC Terminal to serve customers from all over the world: from Europe to Asia, passing through America and Australia.

The company aims to achieve the satisfaction of the customer’s needs through the continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered, environmental performance and employee safety, in compliance with all applicable compliance obligations and requirements.

Customers around the world
Service cycle

Port operations

MDC offers an operational service throughout the year, ensuring the conduct with professionalism of boarding and disembarkation operations and handling of all types of goods. The terminal looks forward to the future, always planning a continuous business growth. The areas are divided into warehouses and processing of goods, offices for port activities and logistics , cargo warehouses.

MDC ensures maximum security within its terminal for vehicles, goods and people in transit. The guidelines that MDC Terminal pursues to ensure the application of its environmental policy include: adopt provisions, equipment, surveillance and control procedures to prevent and control pollution and reduce consumption, emissions and waste of resources.

Ancillary activities

Freight Service